If you design the things you sell, do you build them first and find a market, or do you ask your market first what it wants? It's a well known question, and most marketers would probably feel that they make an effort to talk to their customers first. The problem is, most customers would disagree. AG Advice and Support has significant experience working with vendors and customers, helping each get closer to merchandising bliss.
Slogans and logos and colors, oh my! We find good branding goes hand-in-hand with actual product or service to be offered, because it affects how it will be merchandised, which in turn is determined by how closely it matches your customers' needs. Learn a bit more about how we would brand your products or services for you.
It is important to understand which side of the spectrum your company gravitates, and which side you want it to gravitate to -- are you the cheapest provider, or focused on full-service? How would your competitors answer this question, for you and themselves? Reviewing these types of things helps you better define your market, and see ways to expand it. It sounds obvious, but it requires research to be done carefully and consistently.