rahyt: 1. to execute or produce by setting down words, figures, etc. 2. to trace significant characters on, or mark or cover with writing.
What We Do
  • Proofing - we will read your existing copy for punctuation, grammar, style, layout and often for its technical content.
  • Translation - we can translate Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and French into English, or to any language of the above. Other languages are also possible.
  • Writing - we can write or work with your staff to write original documents.
  • Training - we will instruct you or your staff on principles of technical writing and the use of correct English in your documents.
Do you by chance, or someone you know, polish your own car because you do not trust the local detailer to do a good enough job? Do you also polish the wheels, tires, and windows with specialized creams for each? Do you then start to pull the trim off your car so you can get into every last crevice without leaving any polishing residue behind?
One can walk a fine line between perfection and obsession, but proofing or writing an error-free document requires something close to this. It requires interest in the subject, motivation to keep focused, creativity to write effectively for the audience intended, and also objectivity so you only retain was is truly needed.
How We Do It
We typically divide technical writing into two categories:

Proofing What You Create
Original Content Writing

Proofing your own material is often the only service many companies require, preferring or needing to write their own documents, but still requiring experienced review to help identify lingo, improper or unfamiliar acronyms and concepts, parallel structure, etc. Such issues often go unnoticed when drafts are only reviewed in-house.

Original writing takes more time and can require the review of many details. However, this also allows for complete planning of your document's content and layout -- whitespace, hierarchy, focus points -- and also the format of images, vernacular, self-help procedure, and sometimes original features no one else has used before. Similarly to proofing, using an outside perspective often allows different approaches to be considered, which may not have been considered in-house.

In either case, it's not necessarily the color, feel or look of a document that matters most, but the quality of the content. Spelling errors, small or poorly created drawings, and simple layout techniques immediately tell us a lot about the company we just bought a product from. A user's manual is often the only direct communication a company has with its customers, and if done properly, should represent all the communication you will usually need.

Once designed, a good document costs the same as a poor one. It makes a lot more sense to get your documents done properly the first time.


By the way, regardless of how we help our clients, AG Advice and Support will maintain full confidentiality of the materials and intellectual property of our customers, whether intended for publication or not, and whether we learned of the knowledge directly through the writing process, or through some indirect means, such as overhearing a conversation in the company cafeteria. We know what it's like to create something of value, and how important it is to protect it.