AG Advice and Support specializes in telecommunications and networks. If you cannot get a problem fixed, need a new point of view, or are trying to prove a business case, you're in the right place. We also provide training for technical services, as well as training on how to problem solve itself. Click on a title below to learn more.
Information is big business -- almost too big. Whether you're looking at time-motion of your workflows, the broadband potential of a new ZIP code, or the feasibility of fiber versus wireless, you are probably encountering one of two problems: There's either not enough information, or too much. What we do is present you with the facts, and separate them from conjecture, and then provide an analysis with an emphasis on what the rest of your industry and your competitors are doing. We then give you multiple recommendations, and we strive for truly original and innovative ways that you will probably not have thought of. We also tell you how we find our facts and when we obtained them, so in the future you can look back and see why decisions were made the way they were. See Consulting for more.
Technical support such as for parts sourcing and troubleshooting have become more difficult in the last few years, due to fewer service providers and the loss of skilled employees. We provide expert problem-solving for POTS switching equipment, IP networks, and wireless. In fact, we find the real art of solving problems is just that -- knowing how to solve problems, and there are several different methods to do this which can be applied to almost anything. We also have the contacts for difficult-to-find parts. Find out more about Support here.
VoIP and other competing data services are coming fast and furious, but voice switching is not going away yet, for a variety of reasons. We offer 5ESS and GTD-5 training, plus courses on ancillary equipment and networks used in traditional POTS, such as AIN, SS7 and inter-office trunking, plus for newer VoIP and optical network devices which support fiber. Importantly, we have also reduced the manufacturer-provided training intervals that were common a few years ago. Courses that used to take 8 weeks can be effectively taught in as little as 2 weeks. This is done by assessing the audience before starting, eliminating unnecessary background material, and emphasizing what will be needed for your purposes. It is also done by using better training materials. Learn more about learning here.
Technical writing is often relegated to a lower position on the priority list when a new product is released. That's not a good idea. Written or pictured instructions, warranty cards, surveys and other direct communication with your customer is often the only communication you will have with them. Make it count the first time, every time. We are sticklers for details, vernacular, punctuation, and style. We will write, draw, translate and advise you on how to quickly teach your customers what they need to know -- and nearly stop unnecessary phone calls and emails with your support staff. If you would like to read a bit more about writing, click here.
Finding your Sudoku is a bit rusty? Or perhaps you would like to learn some new methods on how to problem-solve. Check out the AG Advice and Support Logic Primer™. Don't worry, there's no test at the end.